Flea Markets in Japan

I love Flea markets! They provide an opportunity to mingle with locals in a casual, friendly environment while shopping for everything from traditional crafts, vintage kimonos, old dolls and valuable antiques. 
Japan's markets are often held on the grounds of famous temples and shrines, which provide a traditional backdrop for this treasure hunting shopping experience.
I collect many items from flea markets for the WA Boxes, making each one unique and special!

In the WA Kokeshi Box you will discover four Japanese antique Kokeshi dolls alongside an ancient Japanese handwritten book from the Edo Period.

The WA KIDS Box contains old kimono fabrics to create beads or dolls clothes alongside traditional Japanese toys.
In our WA Concept Box you will discover a handcrafted daruma doll and an antique Kokeshi doll!

When you are in Tokyo I recommend to visit the The Oedo Antique Market - the largest outdoor antique market in the country with over 250 dealers selling a huge selection of Japanese artefacts from every era under the rising sun. 
Held at Tokyo International forum. https://www.antique-market.jp/english/

Another fantastic flea market as at the Hanazono Shrine Unique Market - a relatively small but great antique fair with a traditional vibe. This event is held almost every Sunday http://www.kottou-ichi.jp/index.html