Japanese Dreidels

In Japan, "koma" - top spinning is a simple game that has been enjoyed by children and adults since as early as the 10th century.
Traditionally, koma are played by spinning the object with a string. Playing with koma is usually associated with New Year.
I discovered the Japanese dreidels in the Tokyo Toy Museum a few years ago and have been collecting them ever since.

Japanese Daruma Spinning Top 

Japanese Kokeshi Doll Wooden Spinning Top & a Traditional wooden Koma

Japanese Dreidels at the Tokyo Toy Museum. Look at that wall of dreidels!

Momotarō (桃太郎, "Peach Boy") is a popular hero of Japanese folklore.
I was fortunate enough to find in an old flea market a set of antique Japanese dreidels featuring Momotaro and his friends figures.

Traditional koma played by spinning the wooden dreidel with a string

Origami Spinning Tops made from folded paper.

Happy Hanukkah from Japan!