"How To Wrap Five Eggs"

Traditional Japanese packaging is an art form that applies sophisticated design and natural aesthetics to simple objects.
Years ago I fell in love with the book "How to wrap five eggs" which was originally published in 1975.

This book is an elegant presentation of the baskets, boxes, wrappers, and containers that were used in ordinary, day-to-day life. We are offered a stunning example of a time before mass production.
Largely constructed of bamboo, rice straw, hemp twine, paper, and leaves, all of the objects are made from natural materials.
The items offer a look into a lost art, while also reminding us of the connection to nature and the human imprint of handwork that was once so alive and vibrant in our everyday lives. 


In the past year I had the opportunity to learn and experience such wrapping. 

I believe that now, with all the changes we are going through as individuals and as a society, this art is relevant and inspiring more than ever. It gives a sense of delight in the look and feel of very ordinary, humble things. 

A new publication of "Traditional Japanese Packaging" book can be found at Muji Books.