About WA Boxes & FAQs

What is a WA box?

Wa packages delivers specially curated boxes of Japanese objects straight from Japan to your door. My passion is to share Japanese culture and traditions, inviting you to start your own journey to Japanese culture embracing it into your daily modern life. I will be sharing the stories and meaning behind the products, and will show on my blog how you can use the objects and create your own crafts with the pieces and materials in your box.

We offer three different WA boxes: Concept box, Seasonal box, Kids box.

What is the meaning of WA?

The kanji character 和 "WA" which means “Japanese” or “Japanese style” and also "Harmony". The original meaning of the Kanji is “harmony,” and “Japanese” is actually the secondary meaning that the Japanese chose for themselves.
Read more about WA on WA blog. 

What is the difference between WA concept box and WA seasonal box?

WA concept box is available all year round and the contents do not change.

The contents of the Subscription WA Seasonal boxes change every season according to a seasonal theme. The WA Seasonal boxes will be delivered once every three months to coincide with the change in seasons (April, July, October, January).

Can I chose the items in my WA Box?

Part of the fun of receiving the box is the surprise of what's inside. As such, you are unable to choose what will be included in your WA boxes. However, be assured that each item has been carefully selected, and that we provide a wide variety of products in each WA boxes to ensure a meaningful and rich experience.

Can I send WA box as a gift?

Absolutely! All WA boxes can be delivered as a gift, just let us know the recipient's name and address in the Shipping field upon check-out and we'll have their WA Box delivered straight from Japan to their door.

What is the difference between a subscription and a gift?

A Subscription is a recurring payment that will automatically renew for your convenience, until cancelled. A Gift is a one-time purchase that does not renew.

How can I share my WA Box experience?

We love seeing pictures and videos of your great WA Boxes experience!
Feel free to tag us using @waboxes on Instagram or contact us directly at mirit@miritweinstock.com. We are excited about building a WA community and appreciate and encourage all types of comments and feedback!