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"WA" Seasonal box is a Japanese box we offer four times a year curated by a seasonal theme, inspired by ancient traditions of Japanese culture, crafts and design, known as "Wa". 
The Seasonal WA concept boxes offer a creative way to enjoy the unique seasonal cultural flavours of Japan. Each box contains 5-7 objects related to the seasons, carefully selected from local Japanese studios and shops by designer & artist Mirit Weinstock, who is living in Tokyo specializing in Japanese crafts.

WA Winter box celebrates the Japanese New Year "Toshigami" and winter season.
The box includes a Shimekazari handcrafted ring ornament with an original brochure of the Shimekazari Exhibition in Tokyo.
A traditional set of Sake wine with gold flakes and a Wagashi - Japanese sweet on a crane washi base.

Matsuri Book, Signed Edition - a beautiful art book by Tatsuya Shimohira featuring photographs of Matsuri, a traditional celebration.
Handcrafted Mizuhiku card made from Japanese paper cord.

A daruma doll - a symbol of perseverance and good luck in Japan. 

The WA Seasonal boxes will be delivered once every three months to coincide with the change in seasons (April, July, October and January).
The boxes are a great way to a deep and rich journey through the wonders of Japanese culture! 

Next WA Seasonal box the Spring Box will be shipped at the end of April 2021. Order yours now!