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"WA" Seasonal box is  curated by a seasonal theme, inspired by ancient traditions of Japanese culture, crafts and design, known as "Wa". 

The Seasonal WA concept boxes offer a creative way to enjoy the unique seasonal cultural flavours of Japan. Each box contains 5-7 objects related to the seasons, carefully selected from local Japanese studios and shops by designer & artist Mirit Weinstock, who is living in Tokyo specializing in Japanese crafts.

WA Autumn - Winter Box features a mix of objects from all over Japan celebrating these wonderful seasons.
The box contains: 

1/A glass handmade plate by Japanese artist Kokonoshin Kondo, produced by hand in Nagano, Japan. Each plate is unique and slightly different.

2/ “Matsuri” Art Book by Japanese artist Tatsuya SHIMOHIRA. Wonderful black and white pictures capturing Japanese traditional festivals.
3/ Furoshiki - A Japanese wrapping cloth featuring the beauty of Japan's autumn season.
4/ Black Daruma Doll - The doll is seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck in Japan
5/ Wooden Horse Toy - a symbol of luck and a traditional toy handcrafted in Miharu-goma. 
6/ Azuki beans sweet in the shape of the winter beloved UME flower.
7/ A postcard of a painting by the legendry Japanese artist Hokusai from the Hokusai Museum in Obuse, Nagano. 

The boxes are a great way to a deep and rich journey through the wonders of Japanese culture! 

WA Autumn - Winter boxes are available from October 21 through March 22.
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*Pieces may vary and change.