We invite you to discover and experience Japanese Culture from tradition to modernity with handcrafted artisanal Japanese crafts, objects, books, beauty products, textiles and DIY materials delivered in the WA BOX straight from Japan to your home.
 和 "WA" means “Japanese style” & "Harmony". 

Our Kokeshi Dolls Selection


Discover the meaning of WA

Although I don't speak Japanese (which is a daily struggle), the Japanese language and the folded meanings it holds is fascinating to me.  Each time I reveal a certain word's meanful meaning I feel like someone has just told me a delicious secret. 

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Clients are loving us!

"The box is perfect! So much fun to discover each item. The whole idea is beautiful, touched my heart and made me so happy!"

Yiska, London

Clients are loving us!

"We opened our boxes was a remarkable experience. For one hour, we were smiling and ohhhing and ahhhing as we touched, tasted and saw (full sensory experience) every piece that you selected, sourced and made for the Spring box. It was absolutely the best adventure we could ever have dreamed of and one that we will remember for a long time."

Mariam, Canada

Clients are loving us!

"My WA box is great! What a lovely bit of Japan via the post! The kokeshi dolls are adorable.
Thank you!"

Francesca, UK

Clients are loving us!

"I really appreciate the lovely box! It shows that it has been thoughtfully curated with love"

Rachel, Israel

Clients are loving us!

"The objects and the whole experience are really special.
I was as excited as the Impressionist artists who got their hands on goods from Japan wrapped in newspapers that shook their perception of art. It touched my heart!"

Zehava, Israel