About Mirit

Mirit Weinstock is an Israeli artist and designer. Mirit is the creative director and founder of “Mirit Weinstock” jewelry brand, presenting luxury hand-crafted costume jewelry.
Mirit is currently based in Tokyo for culture studies. Previously she lived in Paris and Tel Aviv.

Weinstock is a graduate of the Fashion Department at the acclaimed Shenkar College in Israel, and after completing her studies she interned at Alexander McQueen in London and Maison Lanvin in Paris, working closely with Alber Elbaz and specializing in couture and its relation to craft.

Alongside her work as designer, Weinstock is active as a visual artist. Since graduating from the Master of Fine Arts studies at the Bezalel Academy in 2013.

Having long been inspired by Japanese culture and its craft traditions, in 2019 Mirit finally realized a lifelong dream and relocated to Tokyo. where she is currently enrolled in specialized workshops in Japanese traditional crafts, among them "Washi" Japanese traditional paper making, paper cord ornaments known as 'Mizuhiki' and Japanese flower arrangement, an ancient form of art that is being taught at a local Buddhist temple.
The teachers are local masters – also known as 'Sensei' – who with little words initiate the student into a long tradition and a greater way of looking at things.

A personal note:

"Moving to Japan and living here has been a lively an eventful experience for me. Together with a hands-on exploration of centuries-old arts and traditions, everyday life here has provided moments and experiences that I'll cherish for years to come.

As I expand my knowledge and craftsmanship skills, the WA Boxes project has emerged. The boxes draw directly on my experiences here and express my passion and love to Japanese crafts and culture.

I'm so excited to launch WA boxes and hope you will enjoy your WA journey into Japanese culture.

With love from Japan,